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Get the right oven for your restaurant or café

If there’s one thing that a lot of people want, that’s the ability to get a variety of products from your business. So, if you have a café or a restaurant, it’s crucial to invest in a professional oven. But the reality is that there are so many ovens types out there that the process of picking the right model (electric, gas or convection ovens) for you may be a bit limited at first. Still, you can find the best one for you, all you need is to follow the ideas listed below.


The right size is crucial here. You don’t want your oven to occupy a lot of space, but on the other hand, you never want to have a small oven that won’t fit everything you want to throw at it. This means you have to measure the location, figure out the true size of what you need and then adapt everything to the current situation. You might want to have more than one oven: something small, that would cook your smaller dishes without wasting too much heat, and a large one for big dishes. This is the only true way to reach the best results, so try to keep that in mind and adapt all of that to the situation as you see fit.


You can find 5 major types of ovens: there are brick ovens, conventional ovens, deck ovens, conveyor ovens and convection ovens. Brick ovens can provide higher temperature, it can ensure faster cooking time, which is crucial for your customer satisfaction, and it would also give your pizza a better crust, and make your toppings crispy. Wood that is burnt in most brick ovens would give your food a special flavor that can’t be duplicated in any other oven.

Deck ovens are great for baking your bread. These ovens use conduction heat, as well as radiant heat, that would penetrate into your dough and cook it from inside out. You can add some steam if required. If you need to set different temperatures in different deck oven chambers, you would use electric ones, while the gas ovens can have only one temperature setting at a time for all levels.

Conventional ovens surround food with hot air, while convection ovens circulate the hot air around the chamber. It leads to more even cooking. But it all comes down to what you cook, how fast you need to cook and so on.

And finally, conveyor ovens would allow keeping your food from drying out, perfect for sandwiches, pizzas, toast and many other products.

These are different factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing what kind of oven would you buy.

Gas or electric

This is one of those things that end up being quite challenging for some people. Working without gas is a good idea if you want to cook in the traditional way. The byproduct of gas is moisture, which can be great depending what you are cooking. The gas ovens would heat and cool faster than electric ones. The heat produced by the gas burner would flow around the chamber naturally.  But if you don’t want to deal with any hazards and fuel, then electric models are still good. Electric ovens hold the heat even when turned off, which adds some much needed efficiency if you need to cook often throughout the day. Electric ovens normally have two heating elements: on the top for broiling and the floor for baking. Convection ovens would also have a circular element on the back, usually where the fan is.

Another factor to consider is the utility cost for gas and electricity in your area. In addition, you might want to stick to an electric oven, if you don’t have a hood in your kitchen, required for a gas unit.

Both of these are more than ok for you, so try to find what works great for you and the value will indeed be second to none in the end.

How much food do you need to cook?

As we mentioned above, the amount of food you want to cook will dictate the size of your oven. The idea here is to adapt the situation as you see fit because that’s a crucial aspect to consider in the end. Adapt all of that and take your experience to the next level, it will be worth it to get a proper oven for your restaurant or café.

All of these are great ideas that will help you figure out how to get the best oven for your café or restaurant. Invest in finding the best possible oven, considering both the number customers and how many tables would you normally expect to be occupied at the same time. Only if you design your kitchen specifically to fit the area you are in and the needs of those who would be coming to your place, the outcome can indeed be what you would expect. A good oven can help grow your business, so try to adapt that to the situation. As long as you do that, you will not have to worry about any issues that you find along the way!

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