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6 Tips on Keeping your Merchandise Fresh in the Fridge

Stop excessive food waste with our Guide on Storing Merchandise in the Refrigerator wisely

Keeping your food products fresh for a reasonable time in the simple fridge seems to be quite easy and obvious task. However there are some subtle details that might help you to preserve food merchandise for extended time and stop wasting products.

Shopping right amounts, cooking products effectively and managing leftovers are widely covered in the internet, food blogs and culinary magazines. But strange enough, the issue of correctly storing your food things in your refrigerator is not less important, is not being discussed in much details.

Everyone knows that food has to be maintained at cold temperatures to avoid microorganism growth that might spoil it quickly. Here is how to keep your merchandise fresh for many days by using our six practical refrigeration tips.

1. Choose the most effective refrigerator.

Your home or commercial refrigerator merchandiser is an essential part of your food preservation efforts and desires to be chosen with wisdom. Choose newest double section cooling refrigerator  or single door reach in refrigerator  to make your food absolutely preserved. The refrigerator and the deep-freeze compartments are cooling food on an individual basis. As a result, your food merchandise stay odor free and attractive for extensive use.

2. Storage

The length of time during which you may keep the food depends on its storage temperature. You obviously will place frozen merchandise to the deep freezer, however not only that ! You should place in your fridge several other types of different merchandise for later use, like spaghetti sauce or pancake.

3. Packing

Remember to pack your merchandise well. For instance use disposable plastic containers – it will limit bacteria and oxygen interaction with the products and slow the decay from the chemical reactions.

4. Keep your products separately from each other

Raw meat, dairy, fish and recent merchandise like juices or cheeses get in the coldest elements at solid bottom of the icebox. Try to keep meat separately from all other product types. Know that bacterium from meat will unfold simply to different areas.

5 Thoroughly sort your grocery

Make certain you retain merchandise along, as an example carrots with pepper with peppers and potato with potatoes. Some grocery products decay momentarily if you place them together – such as carrots and cucumbers : if put together, will turn into terribly smelly liquid. Products have to be dry and not wet when placed into the refrigerator. Do not wash merchandise before putting them in your refrigerator as wetness will favorite spoiling faster. You may place ready foods, leftovers or drinks at the highest shelve of the refrigerator.

6. Organize your refrigerator well

You can place eggs, butter, milk, condiments, juice packs and merchandise that resist well to temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator’s door. For example, it’s better to store eggs in their original container for them to last longer. Don’t overload your refrigerator with merchandise, so air stops from circulating within the refrigerator and  it affects your food storage time.

On the opposite hand, make certain your refrigerator isn’t nearly empty. This will result in uneven temperatures which will have a negative effect on the merchandise you store in your refrigerator.

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