PACOJET 4 System Micropurée Fresh, Frozen Foods WIFI feature. Omcan 47755

PACOJET 4 System Micropurée Fresh, Frozen Foods WIFI feature. Omcan 47755


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PACOJET 4 System Micropurée Fresh, Frozen Foods WIFI feature.

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Unleash Culinary Excellence with the power of Pacojet 4

Large Touchscreen: 

The large touchscreen provides intuitive user guidance with an animated assistance feature. The user interface is designed for use in professional kitchen environments.

Device Settings: 

-Jet® mode: Choose between pacotizing® with the classic Pacotize® mode in 4 minutes or the Jet® mode in 90 seconds. The Jet® mode allows you to very quickly prepare certain recipes with a high sugar and fat content (e.g., ice creams). This means you can further increase your productivity. Expanded automatic repeat mode

-Pacotize® on repeat up to 10 times: This results in particularly light and creamy consistencies with maximum time efficiency.

-Work with overpressure or normal pressure: When using overpressure, the Pacojet works at up to 1 bar. This results in a volume expansion of approx. 20–30%. This is ideal for creating foods such as mousses with a creamy-light consistency and for intensifying flavors.

Save Recipe Settings:

Saving and loading settings for preparing your favorite recipes makes your kitchen even more efficient.

New Features:

    • The tool detection feature ensures that the correct tool has been properly attached.


    • With the spray guard detection feature, you can be confident that the spray guard is positioned correctly.


    • The fill level detection feature notifies you when the pacotizing® beaker is too full.


    • WIFI feature: Connecting the Pacojet via WIFI allows the Pacojet Service Center to detect error sources quickly and easily.


    • Standby feature: during prolonged periods of inactivity, the Pacojet switches to energy-saving standby mode (the inactivity period can be adjusted), yet is instantly ready to use when you touch the display.

Easy Cleaning:
Thanks to the display-guided cleaning program, you can clean your Pacojet device very easily at the press of a button and without much equipment. The removable cover of the base plate allows for easy, hygienic cleaning.


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PDF FILE: 47755_Pacojet4 SPECS

Accessories Included:

  • 1 PJ4 Pacotizing® Blade
  • 1 Synthetic Beaker
  • 1 Beaker Lid (White)
  • 1 Spray Guard
  • 1 Protective Outer Beaker
  • Quick start guide and safety instructions


Display: Large touchscreen
Housing: Aluminium, coated
Baseplate: Aluminium, coated
Colour: Grey-Black
Chassis parts: Steel
Pacotizing shaft with tool coupler: Stainless steel
Spray guard: TPE/HDPE, food-safe
Pacojet 4 pacotizing blade: Cast steel
Beaker lid: HDPE, food-safe
Pacotizing beaker: PETG (Tritan), food-safe
Outer beaker: Polypropylene (fibreglass-reinforced)
Beaker capacity: 1.2 L (H: 135mm, Ø 130mm)
Maximum beaker fill volume: 0.8l = 10 portions
Ideal Pacotizing Temperature: -18°C to -23°C
Over-pressure: Approx 1.2 bar
Rated Power: 1500W
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Brushless motor: 2
Sound Pressure level (LPA): 76.4 dB(A)
Network Connection: WLAN 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Dimensions (H×W×D): 19.6″ x 8″ x 14.4″ / 497 x 204 x 365 mm
Weight: 49.6 lbs / 22.5Kg